Caitlin Hunt's Violin Studio

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Caitlin Hunt is a Suzuki Violin teacher in Richmond, VA.  All lessons are currently held at her home studio on the southside of the city. Accepting students aged 4 and up.  Morning and early afternoon lesson times available for homeschooling families and preschoolers.    

About Caitlin's teaching style and the Suzuki Method:

  • Positive and encouraging. Students learn at their own pace. Each skill is broken into small steps which can easily be mastered. Students are encouraged to support each other's efforts.
  • Individually and together.  Students participate in both weekly private lessons and monthly group classes.  In addition, we hold two solo recitals each year as well as at least one group performance in the community.  Students are motivated by one another in their group classes and also have a lot of fun playing music and games together!
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat...  Students master new skills through repetition.  Every piece learned is repeated and replayed to      reinforce previously learned skills and used as a tool to introduce new skills. Plus, it's fun to play music you know well!
  • Listen, listen, listen....  Students listen to repetoire daily.  Students know their music before ever playing it.
  • Playing by ear. Students focus on developing their aural skills and becoming fluent with their violins first.  Later, once a firm      technical foundation is set, music reading becomes a greater focus.
  • Beautifully sequenced repetoire.  Technical concepts of playing the violin are presented in real music, rather than dry exercises.  From the beginning, students are focusing on self-expression through music.
  • Parental involvement. Parents attend and participate in lessons. During practice, they become the at-home teachers.